Fast Company's most innovative companies 2016:OMG! Buzzfeed tops list ahead of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Uber

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Buzzfeed's media innovation has been rewarded (Source: Getty)

Move over Zuckerberg and step aside Bezos - there's a new innovator in town, and it might just surprise you to find out who.

Beating both Facebook and Amazon, as well as Uber, Apple and Alphabet, it's media darling and animal listicle inventor Buzzfeed which has been named the most innovative company in the world.

Putting a nail in the coffin of talk that media has, well, a nail in its coffin, the website's massive readership, high brand recognition and million-dollar funding helped it top Fast Company's annual list of the most innovative companies.

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In an interview with the magazine, founder Jonah Peretti said after transforming from a "bored-at-work-network" into something more, the site now claims around 80m monthly users and five billion monthly views across social platforms as well as drawing that all important money from the pockets of advertisers.

The 10 most innovative companies in the world

1. Buzzfeed

2. Facebook

3. CVS Health

4. Uber

5. Netflix

6. Amazon

7. Alphabet

9. Black Lives Matter

10. Taco Bell

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