Monopoly money is soon to be a thing of the past thanks to new cashless version of the game

Suzie Neuwirth
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Monopoly is moving with the times and replacing cash with card (Source: Getty)

If the closest you get to holding a giant wad of cash is when you're playing Monopoly, you're not going to like the new version of the game.

Hasbro Gaming is set to release a new version of Monopoly Ultimate Banking this autumn, which replaces the iconic notes with credit cards and a teeny, tiny ATM.

It's not the first time that Monopoly has tried to turn cashless, but previous versions ended up slowing the game down as players had to type in the prices manually on a clunky keypad.

In this version, each player's credit card and every individual property and chance card has a little bar code on it. The electronic banking unit scans the credit card and then the property card, deducting the price from the player's available cash.

Conversely, if a player lands on a property with a house or hotel on it the scanner can be used to transfer the money to pay the rent.

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The game also introduces new chance cards called Life events, that can cause rents across the board to change, or other sudden financial changes.

Now this sounds a bit more City A.M. How about a card saying “the government has reneged on plans to build more homes. Rents are now 200 per cent higher”, or “there's been a global financial meltdown. You have no money so sell everything”.

The possibilities are endless...

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