Winter storm on US east coast leads to thousands of flight cancellations, including from Newark Liberty International and JFK in New York, and Ronald Reagan Washington National

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Those at airports across Washington and New York may find themselves waiting for flights (Source: Getty)

Thousands of flights due to depart from US airports have been cancelled today because of poor weather, as the National Weather Service put winter storm warnings in place across much of the east coast.

According the flight tracking website, New York's Newark Liberty International Airport was one of the worst affected, with over half (51 per cent) of departures being delayed, with an average waiting time of an hour, and 37 per cent cancelled.

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport and John F Kennedy International Airport in New York have also been faring poorly. Those waiting for a flight out of the Washington airport will find that almost a third (30 per cent) have been delayed, with an average delay time of 65 minutes, and that 68 per cent have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, just shy of two-thirds (64 per cent) of flights have been delayed out of JFK, with an average delay time of 56 minutes, and 14 per cent have been cancelled.

Meanwhile, website states that over 1,200 US flights have been cancelled so far today.

Many across the US, including those who usually frequent Wall Street, will have been on holiday today because of President's Day and will find themselves battling tricky weather conditions on the way to the office tomorrow.

"It could be pretty tricky for the morning commute on Tuesday," National Weather Service meteorologist Patrick Burke told Reuters.

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