Underwater cities and 3D printed homes - Here's how houses of the future will look in 100 years' time

Lynsey Barber
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Self-sufficient underwater cities could be built (Source: Samsung)

Prepare yourself for underwater cities, super-tall skyscrapers - and homes simply printed out on-demand thanks to 3D printing technology: these are just some of the ways we will live in a century's time.

There'll also be colonies on the moon and eventually Mars and beyond, while personal drones will let us transport our home to any holiday spot.

The predictions, made by scientists in a new report from Samsung, lay out life in the future.

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Skyscrapers will be so tall they'll make the Shard look small, and if you thought basement digging in London was getting ridiculous, in 100 years you'll find people are digging deeper than ever - as low as 25 storeys.

“We are likely to see the emergence of towering megastructures as well as sub-aquatic cities and transportation via advanced flying drones – some of which could be strong enough to transport entire houses on holiday," said Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

Such will be the demand for space, homes will become flexible, with adjustable smart walls which can turn into temporary seating and other furniture when you have more guests. Those pictures and objects which make home, well, home, will be augmented reality projections - even wallpaper could be changed at the touch of a button.

Here's how that future might look.

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