Valentine's Day 2016: City folk and MPs have different approches to Valentine's gift-giving

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New York Flower District Before Valentines Day
Which lucky MP's spouse is getting this? (Source: Getty)

In the run-up to the big day, news reaches us that Londoners are some of the most disorganised romantics out there, but most of us are still better than the politicians.

Londoners may be the most generous Valentine’s gift-givers in the country, spending over twice as much on each other than the rest of the UK, but we’re also the most likely to leave shopping till the last minute. New research from Blue Yonder claims that one in six Londoners actually leave their gift shopping until Valentine’s Day itself.

At least, this is the only reason we can see for MPs installing their very own gift stall at Portcullis House. The stand, perched next to the coffee shop in the main atrium, has been selling emergency chocolates and cards to politicians all week and is stocked with all manner of goodies, including bottles of House of Commons branded champagne. The Capitalist wonders how many cabinet ministers will be grabbing two sets of gifts from the stall today...

From one extreme to the other, food-loving financiers can leave it till the last minute and still look more impressive than the MPs.

Notoriously pricey M on Threadneedle street, frequented by wealthy fans of rare meat and rarer wine, is renting one of its private rooms out to couples for a mere £5,000 per night; officially the most expensive V-day package in London. The deal includes the privacy of M’s luxury den, mood music, a personal cocktail bar, and a special menu comprised mostly of Kobe beef steaks and Beluga caviar.

City: 1, Westminster: 0

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