Here's how much people working at Silicon Valley tech companies including Google, Facebook and Salesforce earn in London

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Google Opens New Berlin Office
Cool work environment, £60,000-odd. What's not to like? (Source: Getty)

Dream of rocking up to Google's plush St Giles office and making use of its famous slide to get to meetings? Fancy becoming a Twitter native?

Loads of people dream of working for a US tech giant - but how much do they actually pay their London workforce? Jobs site Glassdoor, which compares salaries at companies all over the world, sheds light on what goes on at the swish London headquarters of some of the world's most desirable employers...


The search giant may have come under fire for the amount of tax it pays in the UK - but its workers are still pretty well rewarded.

Software engineer: £61,668

Product manager: £88,797

Account manager: £63,102


Facebook unveiled record profits for last quarter - so it can afford to pay its employees a bob or two.

Software engineer: £70,560

Account manager: £44,468

Technical recruiter: £56,014


Only one London salary posted for Twitter...

Senior software engineer: £74,917


The company has such a big presence in London, it has a tower named after it.

Senior account executive: £74,016

Senior sales engineer: £79,675

Senior manager: £74,716


​Auctions are big business, it turns out: Ebay's London offices are based on Tottenham Court Road.

Senior product manager: £94,079

Software engineer: £53,541

Marketing manager: £68,319

Cisco Systems

The company isn't a household name like Google or Facebook - but it is one of the world's largest technology firms.

Software engineer: £49,509

Account manager: £48,182

Marketing manager: £61,490

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