Freezing Brits cut back to pay energy bills as cold weather persists

Jessica Morris
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Pensioners Face A Difficult Winter With Rising Costs Of Living
Around 63 per cent of Brits layer up at home (Source: Getty)

Cold weather is forcing Britons to reduce their expenditure in order to afford rising energy bills, with 84 per cent of households admitting to tightening their purse strings.

Almost 23m households across the UK have cut back to make their energy bills more affordable, new research from Santander Current Accounts has shown.

Of these, around 63 per cent said they layer up at home, while 33 per cent drink hot drinks and 22 per cent get into bed instead of sitting on the sofa.

Over common ways to avoid turning the heating up during winter months are blocking off areas of the home (20 per cent) and using the oven to keep warm (17 per cent).

"As bills get more expensive in winter months, our research shows households are being very resourceful and finding clever ways to reduce their overall expenditure," Matt Hall, director of banking at Santander, said.

Two-thirds of households expect to make significant lifestyle cut-backs this year - ranging from taking on a second job to even downsizing their home - so they can afford to pay their energy bills.

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