London's cheapest and most boring Valentine's Day gift-givers revealed in research

A heart-shaped balloon is carried throug
West Londoners could receive the cheapest romantic gifts this year (Source: Getty)

London’s most miserly Valentine’s Day gift-givers have been exposed.

West Londoners are set to receive presents worth just £40 on average this year, research by parcel company Doddle found. That's less than half the £83 East London’s romantics have splurged on their better halves so far this February.

South Londoners have also been generous, with gifts worth £79. Meanwhile, those in the north of the city have been more free with their cash (they spent £60), but sent the most painfully functional presents - with top gifts including kitchen gadgets and fitness products.

East Londoners, perhaps working to maintain a certain image, were likely to get music speakers and clothes - while those playful people living south of the river can look forward to toys and games. West London’s cheapskates, on the other hand, chose classy gifts: clothes, accessories and toiletries were top of their list.

Doddle tracked the contents of parcels using its Valentine’s Day gift wrap service heading for London postcodes.

But the survey won’t include gifts sent on the busiest day of romantic online shopping - today. Analysis of Google Trends data by the Post Office suggested the Monday before Valentine’s was the most likely day for buying gifts on the internet.

Research by YouGov suggested only half of men and a third of women in a relationship planned to buy their loved one a present this year.

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