Six cities where house prices are more unreasonable than London

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Arc de Triomphe in Paris
Parisians say good homes are hard to find at reasonable prices, more than any other EU capital (Source: Getty)

Paris, Stockholm and Berlin are among the six capital cities where citizens consider property is less reasonably priced than London, despite it previously been labelled the most overvalued market in the world.

Copenhagen, Helsinki and Amsterdam also scored under 10 per cent in a major survey when residents were asked if they agreed with the statement, it's easy to find good housing at a reasonable price. Just 11 per cent of Londoners agreed.

Cities which least agree that it's easy to find good homes at reasonable prices

1. Paris

2. Stockholm

3. Copenhagen

4. Helsinki

5. Berlin

6. Amsterdam

7. London

The biggest fallers since the last Eurobarometer survey, which rates quality of life in major cities across the region, were Dublin, Istanbul, Budapest and Antalya in Turkey, indicating that people think property is becoming pricier in these locations.

The study takes into account the responses of 40,000 people in 79 cities and measures attitudes towards work, life, transport and health services as well as housing, among many topics.

"Housing prices seems to be a significant issue of concern in EU capitals," the survey noted. "Indeed, in all but two of the 28 EU capitals, only a minority of respondents agree that it is easy to find good housing at a reasonable price."

Athens was the only European capital where a majority - 62 per cent - agreed.

Cities which most agree that it's easy to find good homes at reasonable prices

1. Athens

2. Zagreb

3. Valetta

4. Nicosia

5. Bucharest

6. Sofia

7. Madrid

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