Super Bowl 50 2016: Watch the best Super Bowl TV adverts of all time in this top 10 chart

Lynsey Barber
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Dogs are top in Super Bowl ad land (Source: VW/YouTube)

The Super Bowl is nearly upon us and that means one thing - the world's biggest brands putting a lot of time, effort, and especially money, into creating the most hilarious/talked about/touching/viral (delete as appropriate) advert.

The new round of ads are starting to be revealed, but they have some stiff competition from previous successes which got everyone sharing.

These are the most popular Super Bowl ads of all time, compiled by Unruly - and it's Budweiser, animals and Star Wars which turn out to be the secrets of success.

1. Volkswagen “The Force”

Shares: 5,356,887

Year: 2011

2. Budweiser “9/11 Commercial”

Shares: 3,490,685

Year: 2002

3. Budweiser “Brotherhood”

Shares: 2,945,145

Year: 2013

4. Budweiser "Lost Dog"

Shares: 2,543,232

Year: 2015

5. Budweiser “Puppy Love”

Shares: 2,015,010

Date: 2014

6. Ram Trucks “Farmer”

Shares: 1,940,642

Date: 2013

7. Fast & Furious 6 “Big Game Spot”

Shares: 1,504,906

Date: 2013

8. Chevrolet “Needing/Getting”

Shares: 1,342,199

Date: 2012

9. Paramount Fast and Furious 7 trailer

(Watch here)

Shares: 1,317,954

Date: 2015

10. Volkswagen “The Bark Side”

Shares: 918,587

Date: 2012

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