Business people take greater smartphone risks than kids or millennials

Lynsey Barber
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Business users are putting themselves at risk of malware more than others (Source: Getty)

People using their smartphones for business are taking greater risks when it comes to the devices' security than kids or millennials.

A new study has revealed 79 per cent of businessmen and 67 per cent of businesswomen use potentially risky apps every day. That compares with 65 per cent of young people, while just 23 per cent of women of generation X and baby boomer age display the same kind of risky behaviour - the least of any users.

The report, from Kaspersky Lab and Allot, looked at mobile use by more than half a million smartphone users across Europe over a seven-day period. Some 500 different apps and URLs were rated on a scale from safe to risky depending on their malware risk.

The report warns that one in every thirty interactions with a URL and one in every seven with an app can be risky. Those involving financial transactions were the riskiest type, followed by gambling transactions and then ecommerce.

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