Brace yourselves, City folk, pick-up artist Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh is coming to town

Edith Hancock
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The Royal Exchange Show True Style At 'Celebrate The City'
Apparently anything beyond the stairs is no one's business (Source: Getty)

Jilted lovers and misogynists often find February’s romantic festivities hard to swallow, so to keep solidarity up they’re meeting at the Royal Exchange this weekend.

Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, a self-proclaimed “pick-up artist” who was famously interviewed by the BBC over the Men’s Rights Movement and his attempts to teach blokes to chat to womenfolk, is organising an “International Meetup Day” for his loyal following.

There will be 165 meetups worldwide at 8pm on Saturday for Meninists to mingle and talk about how awful women are, and London has been blessed with two meetups: one of which, says Valizadeh, is “in front of the Royal Exchange.”

We weren’t sure why waiting underneath the statue of the Duke of Wellington at the Royal Exchange seemed like a good idea, and neither were its spokespeople. Apparently no one at the high-end mall knows anything about a meninist gathering or will even be around for it, as the shopping centre closes on weekends.

The spokesperson was very keen to distance the high-end retailer from the group, stressing that the spot of land the chaps have chosen to meet at is ten whole meters from the the property’s boundary. “Anything further than the stairs isn’t ours!”.

He also added that the security team will be on site as per usual.

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