How Threadneedle Street's M restaurant is bringing Japanese fishing tradition Ike Jime to London

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The sashimi dish, the first of its kind in London

M restaurant's executive chef Michael Reid on being the first restaurant in London to make sashimi using Ike Jime king fish.

Ike Jime King Fish Sashimi

I was first introduced to the Ike Jime fishing method during my time in Melbourne and it is without a doubt the most ethical and sustainable way to fish (with an unrivalled taste).

At M, we’ve got this amazing fish on our menu and we’re the first in London to showcase it with this simple sashimi recipe. At home, you can substitute the king fish for high quality swordfish, salmon, or seabass from your fishmonger.

Ponzu Gel

2g agar agar

15ml Honmirin (type of rice wine)

½ lemon

60ml light soy sauce

1 oranges

2 ½ tbsps water

Boil the soy, citrus fruits, Honmirin and add agar and whisk until the agar has dissolved. Cool the mixture in the fridge. When it has set, put the gel in the thermo and add water. Blend to a smooth consistency and transfer to a small piping bag.

Pickled baby shallots

1 baby shallot

2 tbsps caster sugar

2 tbsps rice vinegar

4 tbsps water

½ tsp salt

Bring the water, vinegar and sugar to the boil and remove from the stove. Add your prepped shallots to a container, add your hot liquid over the top and cover. Leave to pickle for at least four days and use within a month.

To Finish

240g Ike Jime king fish

80ml ponzu gel

40g edamame beans

40g pickled shallots

¼ bunch of dill

1 radish, thinly sliced

Vietnamese rice paper,

vegetable oil

Fry rice paper in the vegetable oil until it puffs up. Slice the Ike Jime king fish into 5 slices and place it on the upper left side of the plate. Put 3 dots of Ponzu gel, 1 below the fish and 2 to the right. Make a salad of edamame, radish and shallot. Place on the rice crackers and on the dots.

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