Jobs market is booming for start of 2016, with vacancies growing by 15.8 per cent, but London doesn't even rank within the top five for growth

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London's Economic Boom Continues
Looking for a job? You might found there's more on offer in Liverpool than in London (Source: Getty)

The jobs market has boomed into 2016 but, despite how packed the tube seems during rush hour, London has failed to place within the top five for job creation during the first month of the year.

According to figures released today by CV-Library, the number of job vacancies grew by 15.8 per cent in January 2016 when compared to the same month the year before.

Liverpool took the crown for the UK city on the biggest recruitment drive, where jobs available grew 38.1 per cent. Meanwhile, Cardiff came in second place with 25.2 per cent growth and Edinburgh placed third with 20.3 per cent growth.

London, on the other hand, failed to even place within the top five.


Top five UK cities for job growth in January 2016:

Liverpool - 38.1% growth

Cardiff - 25.2% growth

Edinburgh - 20.3% growth

Hull - 18.9% growth

Birmingham - 17.4% growth

As for sectors, social care came top of the list staggering 44.6 per cent in growth, while education came in second with 34.6 per cent growth. Jobseeking legal eagles were also dealt plenty of options, as the legal sector saw 27.4 per cent growth in jobs on offer.

Top five sectors for job g‚Äčrowth in January 2016

Social Care - 44.6% growth

Education - 34.6% growth

Legal - 27.4% growth

Construction - 23.3% growth

Automotive - 20.1% growth

However, jobhunters are still facing a particularly competitive market, as CV-Library saw the number of applications made via its website grow by 16.7 per cent during January, outpacing the rate of job offers.

"Despite the UK economy operating in a state of uncertainty – from challenges in the manufacturing industry to a looming EU referendum – the labour market is continuing to flourish," said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library. "January is always a busy month for the recruitment industry as employers and candidates look to the year ahead."

CV-Library reports hosting 144,600 jobs during any one time over the past month, while jobseekers were firing off up to 220 applications per second.

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Perhaps those who are hoping for a change in scenery office-wise would be better off waiting a little bit longer if they fancy a less competitive playing field. A survey released by CV-Library back in December discovered that over 7m workers were planning to promise to swap jobs as one of their New Year's resolutions.

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