Nature Vs machine: Eagles trained to take down rogue drones by Netherlands police

Lynsey Barber
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The eagle (and drone) has landed (Source: Getty)

How do you take down a rogue drone? In the Netherlands, they're turning to the natural world to solve the man-made problem.

Dutch police will use specially trained eagles to take down drones which threaten security.

"The bird sees the drone as prey and takes it to a safe area," said Mark Wiebe, innovation manager of the national police unit.

"There are situations in which drones are not allowed to fly. This has almost always to do with security. There is a case where an air ambulance lands but could not because someone out there flew a drone. You can also imagine that people want to create beautiful images of an event and a drone to fly above the crowd. If the drone that falls from the sky, can be dangerous for the people," he explained.

And it turns out, birds of prey are pretty good at the task. Watch below:

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