Tube strike 6 to 8 February 2016: New RMT dates to disrupt TfL services over jobs dispute

Catherine Neilan
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London Underground Workers Participate In Another 24 Hour Strike
The long-running dispute is over job cuts (Source: Getty)

Transport union RMT is planning a 48-hour Tube strike beginning this Saturday and running until Monday evening, this time over job cuts on the London Underground.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union will down tools from 9pm on 6 February and continue until the same time on Monday night over a long-standing dispute regarding jobs.

It comes at the start of a week of action between 7 and 13 February, which includes an overtime ban for station grade workers.

Update: TfL has told staff they will lose their £500 bonus if they go ahead with strike action this weekend.

General secretary Mick Cash wrote to members saying: "I urge you all to stand firm together and support the action to make sure our message is heard loud and clear by London Underground and also the travelling public, where it is already demonstrated that the majority of the public want stations staffed properly and ticket offices to remain open...

"Our demands to LUL on Fit for the Future Stations are simple – No imposed rosters, not short notice duty changes on cover weeks and no imposed new framework agreement."

All previous strike action over the Night Tube - including walk-outs scheduled for 15-16 February and 17-18 February - has been suspended.

Update: RMT has since recommended its members accept the updated pay deal, meaning the prospect of further Night Tube strikes is unlikely. However, United the union has rejected the deal.

This will have no impact on the weekend's strikes, however.

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