Crispy Pancakes maker to disappear from freezers as Findus is rebranded out of existence

Emma Haslett
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Crispy Pancakes will come back under the Original Pancake Co (Source: YouTube)

It's about to be a case of harder to Findus, after it was revealed everyone's favourite freezer-based food brand is planning on rebranding.

The Grocer reported that Findus, best known for its Crispy Pancakes, is being taken off the shelves by its owner, Young's Seafood, in the spring, ostensibly in an effort to distance it from the horsemeat scandal.

The company was one of the most high-profile victims of the scandal: its frozen lasagne was found to contain as much as 100 per cent horsemeat, rather than the beef it advertised.

But Crispy Pancakes fans won't be forced to go without their favourite frozen delicacy. Young's is apparently planning on bringing them back, but under a new brand - the rather homely-sounding Original Pancake Co.

Meanwhile, other frozen meals made by the brand, which include that lasagne, will come back under the name "Chef's Classics".

Last year Findus was sold to Birds Eye owner Nomad Foods in a £500m deal.

The brand has a strong presence in the north of England, sponsoring a stand at Grimsby Town Football Club.

Here's a classic Crispy Pancakes ad, to create a bit of nostalgia...

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