UK weather: Storm Henry on the way, following on from Storm Gertrude, with Scotland facing the brunt of the bad weather with Met Office warnings in place for wind and rain

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Wind And Rain Hit The UK
Sorry Scotland, Henry is coming to visit on Monday (Source: Getty)

If there's one thing you can bank on in the UK in January and February, it's bleak and dismal weather. However, with Storm Henry now hot on the heels of Gertrude, this year the country may have got more than it bargained for.

According to an announcement made by the Met Office today, Storm Henry is currently making haste over the Atlantic and is expected to bring severe gales to the UK late on Monday, continuing into Tuesday.

Scotland is expected to be the worst hit by Henry, with the Met Office issuing amber warnings for wind and yellow warnings for rain for many Scottish regions.

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"With several periods of severe weather forecast to affect the UK over the coming days, it's a good idea to keep a close eye on the forecast and the National Severe Weather Warnings as the details of what areas are to be affected and when, are likely to change," said Will Lang, chief operational meteorologist, in a statement on the Met Office's website.

Although there are no weather warnings currently issued for London, rain is forecast for Monday afternoon and evening. The Met Office has also advised that the weather is likely to remain unsettled for the next few days.

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