What is the age at which we feel busiest? The answer is surprisingly young - and we're getting busier

Emma Haslett
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The Town With Britain's Highest Youth Unemployment Rate.
Phone addicts? The nation's 29-year-olds feel stressed out by social media (Source: Getty)

What with kids, an ageing population and various scary financial commitments, you'd have thought the older we get, the busier we'd feel - but it turns out the age at which we feel most put-upon by demands on our time is surprisingly youthful: 29.

Research by personal concierge service Henchman found family commitments, work and personal admin conspire to make those in their late 20s feel busier than ever before.

And we're getting busier: almost half of all Britons said they feel busier now than they did a year ago, while more than four in 10 say they're busier now than they were a decade ago.

Part of the reason we feel so many demands on our time is social media, the research suggested, with 12 per cent of people admitting they can't go more than a couple of hours before checking Facebook.

Men were twice as likely to feel pressure from social media as women - while Londoners also felt more pressure than anyone else, with 23 per cent saying they need to check Facebook regularly.

But previous research has shown Londoners aren't the UK's most stressed-out people: that accolade belongs to Newcastle, where 28 per cent of people say they can't find five hours to relax during an average week. Even Birmingham is more stressed-out than London. So while the capital may be a busy city, let it never be said its inhabitants are stressed out...

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