Getty Images Year in Focus 2015: "The best images of the year" reviewed by our Picture Editor

Greg Sigston
The photographs capture a year's worth of work from staff photographers (Source: Getty Images)

The Getty Images Gallery | ★★★★★

Getty Images’ Year in Focus 2015 retrospective showcases the best work by the picture agency’s staff photographers who operate at risk and under high pressure across news, sport, entertainment and portraiture.

Refugees arrive in Europe (Source: Getty Images)

The escalation of the refugee crisis over the last year makes for some of the most memorable imagery in the exhibition, in particular Dan Kitwood’s capture of the moment refugees from Pakistan, visibly exhausted and relieved, set foot on land after crossing the treacherous three mile stretch of the Aegean Sea from Turkey to the island of Kos in Greece.

A book accompanies the exhibition, but you really need to see the works yourself to fully appreciate the details captured in these extraordinary moments.

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