Warren Buffett will be a Celebrity Apprentice adviser along with Steve Ballmer, Jessica Alba, Tyra Banks and Donald Trump's replacement as host, Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Warren Buffett Joins Hillary Clinton At Campaign Event In Omaha
Warren Bufett will be on the box (Source: Getty)

Warren Buffett will be an adviser on the new series of the celebrity version of The Apprentice, and will be joined by some similarly big name stars, though none quite so prolific.

The so-called Sage of Omaha and Berkshire Hathaway boss will be joined by former Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer, startup entrepreneur and actress Jessica Alba, and businesswoman and former model Tyra Banks.

They'll be advising some, er, lesser known celebrities such as Boy George and, um, someone from Jersey Shore.

And as if that wasn't a weird enough combination, to top it off as host of the show is Arnold Schwarzenegger, taking over from presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

The 85-year-old multi-billionaire will help advise the lesser celebrities as they compete in trying to complete business tasks.

For anyone seeking investment tips, it might just be worth a watch.

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