An MBA is more important at technology companies than banks

Lynsey Barber
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Wall Street likes MBAs, but not as much as tech companies (Source: Getty)

An MBA is more important when hiring for jobs in technology than it is at any big bank on Wall Street, surprising new research reveals.

For major technology firms such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, 10 per cent of jobs advertised made a preference for an MBA, compared to just four per cent of jobs for major banks.

The analysis of more than 50,000 job listings by US job site Tapwage found that three times as many jobs at Facebook looked for an MBA than they did at Goldman Sachs.

"Most jobs that reference an MBA indicate it as a preference or a plus. That is the case across industries as most companies recognise that candidates can substitute an MBA with on-the-job experience," the site said in a blog post.

"However, a preference for the degree featured prominently in these Silicon Valley job postings, and often was even required or strongly recommended. Moreover, Facebook and other technology companies have sizable MBA intern classes from leading business schools and advertise for MBA specific jobs."

It was spurred to look at the numbers after Facebook boss Sheryl Sandberg said MBAs were not necessary to work at the social network or in the wider technology industry.

At Facebook, nine per cent of job ads made a preference for the qualification. But it's Amazon where they're wanted the most - 20 per cent - the research reveals.