DeLorean for sale: Iconic Back to the Future car will soon go back into production

Lynsey Barber
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Actor Christopher Lloyd (in passenger se
Back to the Futue made the DeLorean famous (Source: Getty)

The dreams of anyone who wished they could own a DeLorean - made famous in the Back to the Future films - are about to come true.

The classic 1980s car will soon go back into production, keeping all the distinctive hallmarks that made it famous - the square angles and, of course, wing-like doors.

It wasn't quite a hit when it came to sales, but that hasn't stopped one man wanting to re-live the dream.

Just 9,000 originals were made before the company ended production in the early 1980s. But that's not the end. The company which took over the DeLorean Motor Company name, based in Texas, has been refurbishing the 6,000-odd DeLoreans still in existence for years. Now, thanks to a new change to local laws, it will begin building new replicas of the iconic car.

The company is looking at where to source engines from, but hopes to have them on sale in 2017. Owner Stephen Wynne said he hopes to put a price tag on it under the $100,000. Time to get saving.

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