Davos 2016 is too cliched for property firms who prefer to ski elsewhere

Edith Hancock
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Well, we know where we'd rather be (Source: Getty)

Just after the City’s grandest grandees have finally made it back from a week of hard-hitting, very important and not at all superficial discussions in Davos, City businesses, most notably the property firms are already jetting off to Europe for a normal holiday.

Setting off to Meribel today are the London business team at commercial real estate giant CBRE. A spokesperson for the firm told The Capitalist that it’s something staff do every year, and it’s open to anyone in the company.

Staff at CBRE made the decision to not head to Davos this year, presumably concluding that a holiday in the Alps is far more fun when you’re not surrounded by the likes of Leo DiCaprio and David Cameron talking about greedy oil barons and the EU. Can’t say we blame them.

Staff at CBRE aren’t the only ones taking in the slopes minus the talking-heads this weekend.

Today, many in the industry have fled to the Italian Alps for Lambert Smith Hampton's annual “Ski Challenge and Business Forum.”

Now we know what you’re thinking; that sounds very corporate, but don’t worry. Talks are only taking place on the first day, while the firm assures us that “Friday afternoon is dedicated to racing.” Last year over 100 people took part in ski and snowboarding challenges, and chief exec Ezra Nahome wants this year’s ski trip to be “the biggest and best yet.”

No talks or panels have been billed for Saturday it seems, but that’s probably for the best.

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