UK house prices: This is how luxury property owners are selling their homes quicker

Catherine Neilan
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You'd be amazed what a few strategically placed copies of City AM can do for your house price (Source: Getty)

Making a fresh batch of coffee and croissants isn't enough to convince people to part with their cash for your property anymore - at least not if you're in the top end of the market.

As the super-prime market starts to cool, luxury home-owners are increasingly looking to "home styling" in order to secure the asking price (or more) for their top-notch pad.

The phenomenon, which started in California in the 1990s, can reduce a residential property's time on the market by 25 to 50 per cent, while a "dressed" home can fetch between five and 20 per cent more than an empty or badly presented home, according to the US National Association of Realtors.

Now the trend is coming to our shores - but what should people looking to make a quick sell do?

Books top the list, according to Rokstone's home styling team, but a sprinkling of broadsheet newspapers (particularly City-leaning ones) and luxury magazines also help.

And if you think those pictures of your wedding day, or the time the entire family spent a day getting their portraits done, are helping your cause, think again. No one wants to see them, least of all your prospective house buyer.

Here are the top 12 items that help sell a home faster

1) Books Taschen is the top brand

2) Candles especially in the living area, master bedroom and master bathroom

3) Lighting should be bright and airy

4) Artwork

5) Photography/prints should be de-personalised and replaced with more generic photos

6) Curtains/blinds chic, neutral and a high quality

7) Plants and flowers

8) Broadsheets and luxury magazines - but they must be new

9) High end accessories think Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Missoni, Thomas Goode and Halcyon Days

10) Feature rugs, good quality carpets or luxury hard flooring

11) Master bedroom & bathroom: Nile cotton sheets and pillows

12) Music and videos

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