Watch this robot solve a Rubik's cube in less than 1.1 seconds

Emma Haslett
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A robot attempts to solve a Rubik's Cube...
The robot (not pictured) can solve the puzzle in 1.047 seconds (Source: Getty)

The world record-holding Rubik's Cube solver, Collin Burns, may be able to puzzle out one of the 80s toys in under six seconds - but he's got nothing on this robot, which can do it in almost a sixth of the time.

The robot, designed by software engineers Jay Flatland and Paul Rose, can solve the puzzle in 1.047 seconds.

That smashes the current Guinness World Record: in November last year a robot built by US student Zackary Gromo solved the cube in 2.39 seconds.

In the video, Flatland and Rose say they are applying for a Guinness World Record, which decides on records based on regulations set by the World Cube Association (WCA to its friends).

The rules include sections for blindfolded solving, one-handed solving and solving with feet - although they don't state anything about robots...

Here's the robot doing its work. Blink and you'll miss it...

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