Davos World Economic Forum: Swiss soldiers sent home for taking cocaine

James Nickerson
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Davos Prepares To Host The World Economic Forum
Some 4,500 soldiers were tasked with ensuring security at Davos (Source: Getty)

Some Swiss soldiers at the Davos World Economic Forum have been sent home after testing positive for cocaine and cannabis.

Tests show that 12 soldiers who were meant to be guarding the gathering of world leaders tested positive for cannabis, while five of the 12 soldiers also tested positive for cocaine, army spokesman Stefan Hofer told the BBC.

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The soldiers, tested after others in the unit raised concerns, were among some 4,500 soldiers that were charged with ensuring security at the World Economic Forum this week.

Those found to have used cocaine were sent home and will face further disciplinary action, while one found in possession of three grams of cocaine will face a criminal investigation by civilian authorities.

However, the seven soldiers who tested positive for only cannabis will face displinary action but remain at Davos.

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