George Soros says the same conditions are in place as those that caused the crisis in 2008 - and slams Donald Trump for "doing the work of Isis"

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This is the second time Soros has warned about economic conditions (Source: Getty)
egendary fund manager George Soros has reiterated his warning that the global economy is in the same state now as it was before the global crisis in 2008.

During a speech at Davos, he pointed out that "there is a financial crisis and a bear market", the Guardian reported.

"The source of the disequilibrium is different. In 2008 it was US sub-prime housing. Today it is China, where a hard landing is practically unavoidable.

Soros' comments came as Asian markets finally rallied, after a week of turmoil. The FTSE was 2.1 per cent higher at 5,894 points this morning, after it fell as low as 5,640 earlier this week.

Earlier this month, Soros compared the current economic climate to that of 2008, saying "China has a major adjustment problem".

"When I look at the financial markets there is a serious challenge which reminds me of the crisis we had in 2008," he said.

Soros also used the opportunity to attack Donald Trump, accusing him of "doing the work of Isis" by alienating Muslims in the US.

Trump and fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz "want people to turn against the Muslim community and market the Muslim community think there is no alternative to terrorism. It turns the Muslim community into a breeding ground for Isis".

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