Buoyant in Bexley or sad in Sutton: These are London's happiest and saddest boroughs, according to Twitter

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This happy chappy clearly lives in Bexley... (Source: Getty)

If you live in Sutton and find it hard to drag yourself out of bed in the morning, it's not your fault, it turns out.

A new survey, which has ranked London's boroughs from happiest to saddest based on their tweets, has found Sutton is London's most miserable borough. Enfield comes a close second, with Lewisham not far behind.

Meanwhile, Bexley dwellers are a decidedly more cheerful lot: in fact, it's the happiest borough in London. That's followed by the good people of Haringey, and Redbridge.

The project, which looked at 1.5 million tweets with shared locations over a month, was commissioned by Somerset House for its Big Bang Data exhibition.

The sentiment of the 55,000-odd tweets a day were compared with a list of 2,500 words, which were rated for sentiment from minus five (gloomy) to plus five (chirpy).

The month over which the project ran included Blue Monday, the so-called saddest day of the year. On that day, London's unhappiest tweeters were talking about Celebrity Big Brother (fair), Liverpool Football Club and the death of Davie Bowie. Sob.


Midnight - 6am: Wandsworth

6am - 12pm: Barking and Dagenham

12pm - 2pm: City of London

2pm - 6pm: Lewisham

6pm - 12am: Hackney

Those bucking the trend that day included the City of London, Westminster and Tower Hamlets - the three cheeriest boroughs on Blue Monday.

Meanwhile, throughout the month, the happiest subjects included Christmas, the New Year, and love. Aaaah.

Still - at least miserable Londoners can take solace in the fact that the evenings are becoming lighter and the weather is warming up. It might never happen, guys...

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