The IMF is looking for a new managing director as Christine Lagarde's five year term draws to a close

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Christine Lagarde is the 11th managing director of the IMF (Source: Getty)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is starting the search for a new managing director as Christine Lagarde's five year tenure ends in July.

The executive board of the IMF announced it was launching its "open, merit-based, and transparent process" to select a new boss.

The IMF works to secure global monetary cooperation and financial stability, no easy job – but if you think you'd like a try, this is what the board are looking for:

The successful candidate will have a distinguished record in economic policymaking at senior levels. He or she will have an outstanding professional background, will have demonstrated the managerial and diplomatic skills needed to lead a global institution.

The winning candidate must be capable of "providing strategic vision", and, every employer's favourite, "be an effective communicator."

However, not just anyone can apply – you must be nominated for the role by an executive board or fund governor.

The nomination period will open tomorrow, 21 January, and close on 10 February, 2016. The selection process is expected to be completed by 3 March.

Lagarde replaced Dominique Strauss-Kahn, and became the IMF’s eleventh managing director in 2011. She is also the first female head of the IMF. She was previously the French minister for economic affairs, and the first female finance minister in the G8.

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