Go on a virtual reality tour inside Buckingham Palace with Google Expeditions

Clara Guibourg
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The tour takes in seven of the 19 state rooms (Source: Google/Royal Collection Trust)

Ever wanted to see inside the Queen’s official residence? Now you can do it without having to be hassled by the throngs of other tourists, or having to leave your home at all for that matter.

Buckingham Palace has become the first UK landmark to feature on Google Expeditions as the tech giant has teamed up with the Royal Collection Trust to provide a teaching experience based on a virtual reality tour.

Students will be able to take in a guided tour of the palace without ever leaving their classrooms, just using their smartphone.

Starting by the Grand Staircase, the tour takes people on a trip through seven of the palace’s 19 state rooms, including the Throne Room and the Picture Gallery.

The Google Expeditions project includes 150 immersive tours of landmarks around the world, from the Great Barrier Reef to the Borneo Rainforest.

The panoramic footage launched today was shot with Google Jump cameras at Buckingham Palace just last week.

The Queen, although she hasn’t tried out the VR tour of her home yet, has reportedly given it her seal of approval.

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