Davos 2016: bosses and financiers told to make their beds

Edith Hancock
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The village of Davos is seen prior to th
A week of indulgence and intellectual debate in the Swiss Alps (Source: Getty)

One would think that the high-flying business figures attending the World Economic Forum in Davos this week are already quite good at making efficient use of their time and running errands before breakfast. Well, it seems those in charge of the conference are not so sure.

Marking the launch of the meeting of political and financial minds in Switzerland this week, the World Economic Forum shared with its twitter followers a list of things all successful people should be doing before their morning meal.

The Forum, backed by research from a time-management expert in New York, mentioned 14 habits of those who want to beat their competition, but what were they? Apparently, successful people “make their beds”, “check their emails”, and “drink water”. So far, most City workers, and indeed adults, seem to be on the path to career fulfilment.

One habit that might seem ambitious to some was the tendency of high flyers to take exercise first thing in the morning “before it falls off the to-do list”. That might go some way to explaining the success of former Thomas Cook CEO Harriet Green.

The 5ft 3 travel boss once boasted to the Times that she regularly rises as early as 4am during the working week to fit in a two hour gym session, incorporating some complicated manoeuvres with a 16kg kettlebell, before making it to the office at 7:15. Something to think about on returning from a week of indulgence in the Alps, perhaps.

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