Scottish independence referendum: Better Together campaign fined by Electoral Commission for failing to provide report on its spending

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The Final Day Of Campaigning For The Scottish Referendum Ahead Of Tomorrow's Historic Vote
Rules require receipts or invoices for any expenditure of more than £200 (Source: Getty)

Having failed to provide a full and complete report on its spending on the Scottish independence referendum, the Better Together campaign has been slapped with a fine by the Electoral Commission.

The watchdog gave the Better Together campaign a £2,000 fine as it didn't provide receipts or invoices for £57,000 of expenditure.

Bob Posner, director of party and election finance at the Electoral Commission, said: "The responsibilities of a registered campaigner in a referendum do not end on polling day."

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"Transparency around who spends what at referendums, based on complete and accurate financial reports, is an important part of ensuring that the public has confidence in the democratic process," he added.

Rules require receipts or invoices for any expenditure of more than £200.

The fine has now been paid and the commission accepted the failure to provide the full report was not deliberate.

The British National Party was also fined £2,400 for failing to deliver its statement of accounts for 2014 by the due date.

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