How do you make coffee in space? British astronaut Tim Peake posts a video revealing the unglamorous truth aboard the International Space Station

Clara Guibourg
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Source: ESA/Youtube

How do astronauts make their coffee? British astronaut Tim Peake has posted a video from aboard the International Space Station to reveal the answer to this question - and it’s surprisingly unglamorous.

If you thought making coffee on the International Space Station has been a cinch since Nasa’s promise to deliver a space-ready espresso machine to its astronauts, you’ll be disappointed.

Tim Peake shows the sad reality is still covered in foil and vacuum packed.

The European Space Agency astronaut pulls out a vacuum pack full of coffee which has been pre-mixed with cream (if that doesn’t sound delicious, we don’t know what does) and injects it with hot water via a hi-tech kettle that truly lives up to the term "space age".

Peake, who blasted into space in December, will spending another five months, or another 150 or so cups of vacuum-packed morning coffee, on the ISS. He recently became the first British astronaut to do a spacewalk.

Nasa has developed a long-awaited space espresso machine for the astronauts, together with Lavazza, but it seems the new machine has yet to fully catch on.

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