Australian company advertises the "worst job in town" on Seek - and there's already a good number of applications

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An office with no natural light, you say? Where do we sign up? (Source: Getty)

If complaining about your day at work takes up most of your Monday evening conversation, this Melbourne-based role might just be perfect for you.

A position for senior digital producer has been put up on Australian jobs website Seek, describing the role as the "worst job in town", complete with poor location and below market pay.

Other perks on offer include a "below average client folio", an office that looks "terrible" with no natural light and spurning modern software in favour of good old fashioned spreadsheets. Who needs the sun and sea, offered by the so-called best job in the world, Queensland's island caretaker, when you can have all of this?

This tempting-sounding offer is the handywork of Julien Viard, a digital recruiter with just shy of a decade's worth of experience. Viard told Mashable: "If you look at ads on Seek, I find that a lot ... are overselling jobs, and very few ads give you a actual insight into what the job is. So I decided to go for the complete opposite."

Although, if this sounds like everything you've ever dreamed of and more, you'll have to get your CV together quickly. Viard said the response to the advert so far had been good and that those who had applied seemed to be in on the joke.

If you're one of the lucky ones to get invited to an interview, you may want to ask what the boss is like, as the advert does not elaborate on this aspect. Research published last year by Approved Index discovered 42 per cent of workers had been forced out of a job by a bad boss at some point in their career.

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