Science has just proved that nice guys don't finish last

Emma Haslett
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Body Builders Compete at Muscle Beach
Women tend to prefer altruism to physical appeal (Source: Getty)

Here's scientific proof that "Mr Nice Guy" will win out in the end. Or that's what a new study has suggested, after it concluded that actually, nice men tend to finish first when it comes to relationships.

The study, by the the University of Worcester, found women prefer certain kinds of altruism than just physical appeal. Ie. they prefer a nice guy to a muscle-bound Adonis.

The study, published in Evolutionary Biology, gave women scenarios about men, and then asked them to rate their attractiveness.

In one scenario, two people are having a picnic by a river and see a child being swept away. One non-handsome one jumps in to save the child, the other - more handsome - sees the speed of the current and decides not to.

In most cases, the "high altruists" were seen as the most attractive - particularly when it came to choosing a partner for a long-term relationship.

"Women will show a preference for altruistic men over physically attractive men," the study concluded.

"If a man possesses only one of these traits, it is altruism that is more valuable, particularly for long-term relationships."

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