Alex Salmond wants to ban Donald Trump from the UK and Jeremy Corbyn wants to take him to a mosque ahead of petition debate in parliament

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Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Dallas
Trump has angered many in the UK with anti-Muslim comments (Source: Getty)

The war of words between the former First Minister Alex Salmond and wannabe President Donald Trump escalated today, after the Scottish MP backed calls to ban the billionaire from the UK over anti-Muslim comments.

The two are unlikely to become the best of friends - Trump labelled Salmond a "has-been" with an "over-inflated ego" before Christmas in a row over wind farms - but now the MP for Gordon has sided with more than half a million people who signed a petition calling for Trump to be banned from entering the UK following Trump's comments that Muslims should to be banned from entering the US.

"What should happen is that the home secretary should consider Donald Trump's remarks in the same way as she consider the remarks of hundreds of other people and she should do it with exactly the same criteria" Salmond said, according to the BBC.

"My view is that, yes, I would probably ban 'The Donald' because it would do him some good. He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland."

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn earlier on Sunday said he would take the Presidential hopeful on a trip to a mosque if he were to visit Britain. London Mayor Boris Johsnon meanwhile has said he would avoid going to New York because of the risk of running into Trump.

The matter wll be debated in parliament on Monday. Home secretary Theresa May has the power to stop people from entering the country.

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