No formal role for former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone on Labour defence review

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Labour Hold Their Annual Party Conference - Day 1
Livingstone wants to scrap Trident (Source: Getty)

Unfortunately for former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, he will not have any formal role on Labour's defence review, according to reports.

The defence review is to be led by newly appointed shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry, and she will have ultimate responsibility for looking into the party's policy on Trident, according to the BBC.

Livingstone had also claimed that Labour party policy on Trident could be settled within eight to 10 weeks, but that was rubbished by a Labour source who said that it was "absolutely not the case".

The former mayor believes in unilateral nuclear disarmament, along with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Thornberry.

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The Labour leader has already made moves to change Labour's policy after replacing Maria Eagle, who is in favour of Trident renewal, with Thornberry.

It's thought that Thornberry is hopeful to submit interim findings to the party conference this autumn.

Corbyn had wanted to change the party's policy on Trident ahead of the conference, but was this week delivered a blow after the party's general secretary unambiguously said there would be no change in its policymaking process before September.

At a parliamentary meeting Iain McNicol told MPs that any changes in the way the party determined policy would have to be agreed at the party's autumn conference, according to the Guardian.

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