Let's get ready to referendum: Jean-Claude Juncker says there'll be a deal for UK's European Union reform demands by next month

Catherine Neilan
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Let's get rrrreaddy to rrrrrreferendum (Source: Getty)

Jean-Claude Juncker has said he expects "a deal" that could resolve the UK's demands for reform of its European Union membership next month, opening the door to an in-out referendum in June.

Juncker said on Friday that he was confident a solution would be reached at the European Council summit in Brussels, which is being held in a month.

The European Commission President said: "I am quite sure that we'll have a deal - not a compromise, a solution, a permanent solution" by February.

He told a press conference today that the UK's demands were "very difficult issues" to get around - but he was convinced that a solution could be found.

It is though the previously stiff opposition to some of David Cameron's demands has softened since the last summit in December.

The details of the proposed reform will have a huge impact on whether Cameron is successful in his aims of keeping the UK within the EU, or whether the pro-Brexit camp will come through.

Current polls suggest the out campaign has the edge, although many business leaders have warned it could have a deleterious effect on the UK's economy and global standing.

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