Oh Jez: Campaign starts to get Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn his dream bike for his birthday

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Jeremy Corbyn Visits Flood Sites In Cumbria
On your bike (Source: Reuters)

A crowdfunding project has been set up to give Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn something special for his 67th birthday - his dream bike.

In order to secure the funds to buy the bike in time for the big day (26 May if you want to add it to your calendar), fans are being urged to offer donations via Crowdfunder.co.uk. Supporters claim they will "annoy the right wing press by buying Jeremy Corbyn his dream bike for his birthday and supporting some good causes".

The project has received more than 1,400 backers so far, and comes in response to an article in the Telegraph that bemoaned Corbyn's desire for the Raleigh Criterium bicycle, which costs £475.

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"I will stick a quid in and all we need is 474 other people to do the same, in order to put a smile on Jez's face, but primarily it will really annoy the Telegraph, the Mail, the Sun, the Tories, Ukip etc. It will definitely be funny," said the person who started the project.

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The project has already smashed its target, raising more than £4,000 in just a few hours, with the money left over being promised to charity.

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