Record Powerball jackpot: Five things you can spend £1bn on

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Unfortunately, it wouldn't cover the cost of bailing out Greece (Source: Getty)

The US Powerball winner (if there's only one) will receive a record jackpot of $1.5bn. That's about £1bn. If you're stuck for what you would spend it on, here's some tips.

1.Build a couple of Shards

The contract cost of the Shard had set the developers back £435m by the time it was completed in 2012.

2.Buy a challenger bank

Challenger bank Aldermore currently has a market cap of £737m, which is the cost of all its shares combined. However, challenger bank shares have been hit this year as the Bank Levy, which applied to big banks, is being scrapped in favour of a corporation tax surcharge, which will hit all banks.

3.Buy Britain's most expensive street (twice)

Victoria Road in Kensington and Chelsea is Britain's most expensive street, according to Lloyds Bank. With 64 properties at an average of £8m each, we make that £512m. Prices at the top of the housing market have cooled off in the past year since the government changed stamp duty, increasing the tax on properties over £1m.

4.Pay the interest on the UK's government debt for a week.

The most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that government spending on interest on the national debt was £3.3bn in November. It averaged around £4bn a month over 2015.

5.Pay the UK's tobacco duty bill for around six weeks.

Brits paid just over £500m in tobacco duty in November, but the average is typically higher. The total bill was £9.2bn in the 2014/15 financial year.

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