Twitter share price falls to all-time low again - this time tumbling under $19

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Shares have been sliding since the middle of last year (Source: Getty)

Twitter shares fell to earth with all the speed and elegance of a sparrow hitting a window, tumbling under $19 per share for the first time to fresh all-time lows.

Stock plummeted to an intraday low of $18.57 shedding more than five per cent and taking it to the lowest it has ever traded at.

The social network has been heading south for the winter with stock closing down on every day of 2016 after sliding more than 30 per cent since the return of co-founder Jack Dorsey to the flock in October.

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Since his return, a host of new features have been rolled out in recent months but have failed to keep fears over sluggish growth at bay.

Moments, a curated content feature designed to attract new users to what can be a bewildering platform at first, launched in October, while several advertising features are new to the site, designed to increase revenues. Just yesterday it said that it would show live video streaming from Periscope, the startup it bought last year, directly in user's Twitter feeds.

The efforts have so far failed to reassure investors and rumours that the 140 character limit, arguably Twitter's USP, could be expanded to 10,000 characters already sent shares to a new low last week, slipping past the $20 mark for the first time before today's fresh lows.

There was uncertainty circling around product strategy - simplifying things for users and marketers - and how long it will take to turnaround the company, said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Jitendra Waral yesterday, speaking to Bloomberg about Twitter's turmoil.

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