MPs to vote on idea of England adopting an official national anthem separate from God Save the Queen

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England v Wales - RBS Six Nations
God Save the Queen is currently used at most England sporting events (Source: Getty)

There's a chance you may find yourself belting out a new anthem as the England football team stand, shoulder to shoulder, chests puffed out with pride, before the final of the 2016 UEFA European Championship in Paris this summer.

Okay, that's unlikely to happen, given England's record. But you may be singing a different anthem to their other matches: MPs could to vote on the idea England could adopt its own national anthem.

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Currently, God Save the Queen is the national anthem for the UK as a whole, used by England at most sporting events.

But Toby Perkins, MP for Chesterfield, wants a public consultation to decide on the best song, and has proposed a bill to ensure the public debate.

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If the vote is passed, his bill will be debated again at at second reading. The second reading is the first opportunity for MPs to debate the main principles of the bill.

"England is a component part of the UK but it competes as a country in its own right and I think a song that celebrated England rather than Britain would be more appropriate," Perkins said.

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