David Bowie songs on Spotify: Streams rocket following his death - here's what we streamed the most to remember him by

Lynsey Barber
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Fans listened to a lot of Bowie music yesterday (Source: Getty)
eroes was the most streamed song by David Bowie on Spotify yesterday, following news of the music legend's passing.

Streams of the song, released in 1977, rocketed an astonishing 3,630 per cent on the platform globally.

Let's Dance was the second most streamed, followed by newest releases Blackstar and Lazarus.

It was Life on Mars, fifth most streamed in the last 24 hours which increased the most, with the number of listens to the classic rising 4,238 per cent.

Streams of all Bowie songs exploded as fans remembered the musician, up by 2,822 per cent.

And the most streamed Bowie songs of all time?

1. Under pressure (65m plays)

2. Space Oddity (31m)

3. Life on Mars (30m)

4. Heroes (21m)

5. Let's Dance (18m

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