After Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter account was hacked, t-shirts go on sale calling David Cameron "a pie"

Edith Hancock
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Stock images of David Cameron with pies are surprisingly common, it turns out... (Source: Getty)

Last night, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn seemed to have had his Twitter account hacked, and among the fairly puerile, profane and unprofessional messages the unknown hackers decided to post, was the profound "Davey Cameron is a pie".

Understandably, social media went into meltdown.

Now, in less than the time it took residents in Newcastle to start monetising a large puddle of water in Drummond last week, one person is selling t-shirts with the tweet printed on them, including a lovely artist's impression of David Cameron with a pie face.

You also have the option of getting the print on a highly tasteful cushion.

The vendor is clearly a fan of political figureheads. Other pieces from his back catalogue include a surrealist head shot of Margaret Thatcher, and an iPhone case depicting Jeremy Corbyn holding the World Cup aloft in victory.

The World Cup also has Margaret Thatcher's face superimposed onto it. It's not clear why...

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