Another hint at the worst-kept secret ever? Apple just registered two decidedly automotive domains - suggesting cars are in development

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We don't have a picture of an Apple car. But we do have a picture of a car near an Apple store... (Source: Getty)

Apple's decision to create a car may be the worst-kept secret since - well, the Apple Watch - but here's another giant clue that's what it's working on.

Apple blog MacRumours has spotted the tech giant has registered a clutch (see what we did there?) of suspiciously automotive-sounding internet domain names, including, and Hmmm.

The blog very sensibly points out that it could be related to CarPlay, Apple's operating system for car dashboards. but there has been a lot of chatter about an iCar in recent months, particularly after the company hired Doug Betts, a former Chrysler engineer, back in July.

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That's not to say it'll be easy, even for one of the world's largest tech companies. With Google developing cars and everyone in the automotive industry clamouring to create the most energy efficient/smartest/any driverless car, even before the technology is freely available, the market is becoming increasingly crowded.

And that's without even mentioning electric car sensation Tesla, which last year launched Autopilot, an update to its software allowing drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel (although it's not recommended).

This week at CES, the technology trade show in Las Vegas, car manufacturers have taken it in turns to unveil their snazzy new creations. Including the FFZERO1, the Batmobile-looking "Tesla killer" created by secretive US company Faraday Future.

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