Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn finalises shadow cabinet reshuffle after resignations

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Shadow Ministers Resign In The Wake Of The Labour Cabinet Re-shuffle
Jonathan Reynolds resigned yesterday (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has finalised his shadow cabinet after three shadow ministers resigned yesterday, leaving spots on the front bench open.

Jonathan Reynolds, Stephen Doughty and Kevan Jones all quit yesterday over a number of issues with Corbyn's reshuffle.

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Corbyn has now appointed Kate Hollern as a shadow defence minister and Jenny Chapman as a shadow education minister.

Meanwhile, Jo Stevens has taken up the brief of prisons minister and Andy McDonald has become a shadow transport minister. Angela Rayner took a role in the work and pensions team and Fabian Hamilton became shadow foreign affairs minister.

Reynolds said in his resignation letter that he appreciated Corbyn's need for greater discipline on the front bench, but that due to this it would be more appropriate for him to serve as a backbencher.

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Meanwhile, Doughty resigned his post live on the BBC Daily Politics show, saying "lies" were being told by Corbyn's team.

For his part, Jones handed in his resignation over the issue of "the UK's nuclear deterrent". While he said he respects "those like [Corbyn] who advocate a unilateralist position", he added that he does not agree with that view.

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