Career success wired into you from birth

Jessica Morris
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Is it time for a career ladder climb down? (Source: Getty)

When it comes to climbing the career ladder, hard work will only take you so far, because job success is wired into us at birth.

That's according to an academic study by the Erasmus University's Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Ljubljana in Solvenia, which studied the brain scans of participants working on different tasks.

"If basic biology limits our ability to improve at certain types of work, we need to think more imaginatively about the way we measure and reward work performance."

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"It may be much more task specific than we are currently inclined to think."

"Businesses need to recognise where performance limits may lie and avoid frustrating employees when results do not reflect best efforts."

"Organisations should take care that performance assessments accurately capture the efforts of workers, both to measure whether targets and incentives are effective and to ensure that individuals are rewarded fairly."

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