Twitter limit: This is what 10,000 characters looks like in the opening chapters of War and Peace, Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century, the Bible and other familiar books

This is what 10,000 characters looks like

Rumour of Twitter's plans to expand its 140 character limit to a rather astonishing 10,000 has broken the internet, or, Twitter at least (possibly the first thing to do so in 2016).

The limited space is arguably its USP and outrage has stretched from "that's what Facebook/Tumblr/Medium is for" to some more begrudging acceptance of change.

Just how much information can you squeeze into a 10,000 character limit, 71 times longer than your current allowance?

Here’s the beginning text from six famous books to show just how much can be squeezed in - enough for Adam and Eve to be banished from Eden, but not enough to get past the introduction to Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. Click or tap on the book title to find out.

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