Driverless car bump in the road? Our three biggest fears about autonomous vehicles, revealed

Lynsey Barber
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No hands? Not yet (Source: Getty)

It's the year of the driverless car, as everyone from big tech companies to traditional car brands, ambitious startups to academics, make inroads in the burgeoning technology which could soon change the way we travel.

There may be one bump in the road to mass adoption, however, and that's consumers. Half of us would refuse to be a passenger in a driverless car and do not trust them on public roads, new research reveals.

These are the biggest reasons people were dubious.

Why don't we trust driverless cars?

1. They can't make decisions

2. They could be hacked

3. They don't drive in the same way as humans

There was also worry among the nearly 3,500 people surveyed by Uswitch, about the affect on insurance. 41 per cent said they believed premiums would rise, even if they didn't have an autonomous vehicle.

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